Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Me for Australian Wicketkeeper

It's time for Brad Haddin to go.

Tim Paine is injured, and the selectors seemingly don't want to play Matt Wade in test cricket yet.

So, I am going to offer my services.

I'm actually American though, and the never having played an actual match of cricket may be a problem.  I do, however, have a knack for catching important things before they hit the ground.  I also used to play baseball and know how to hit things with a bat.  I wasn't very good though, which is another problem.  I'm done with my college finals on the 16th.  This gives me plenty of time to get to Australia in time for the Boxing Day test, and learn how to play.

So come on selectors, I'm ready to represent my* country.

*-not my country

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