Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The past few weeks in the life of an American cricket fan have been both great and disappointing.

Great for just the sheer amount of international cricket that has been on recently.

Disappointing for the fact that they've all been on at kind of bad times.

I can catch the end of the Australian-South Africa, Zimbabwe-New Zealand, and India-England matches, but I've been in classes for the most part.  I can watch the beginning of the West Indies-Bangladesh test days, while Pakistan-Sri Lanka is pretty much out of the question.

As frustrating as that is, that's kind of the problem with trying to watch this wonderful sport in America.

I'll be able to watch pretty much all of the Australia home tests, but other than that, almost everything is either too late, too early, or when I have class.

The ball-by-ball live text from Cricinfo and the like is a life saver.

As much as I would like to wake up early to watch the Australia-South Africa tests, it's just not feasable for me. That's no fun.


  1. You get to watch most of the Aussie home tests - so what are you complaining about? What more could you want?

  2. Oh, I love the fact that they're the perfect timing for me. It's stuff like that last Zim-NZ ODI that I hate missing because I'm stuck watching some horrible presentation in Theater class.