Sunday, November 6, 2011

Domesticating a Cricket Fan

It didn't take much for me to become an Australia fan.

By the end of the first Ashes test, it was decided.  It worked pretty much like a phrase I've told plenty of people about finding their football/soccer team:  "You don't find your club, your club finds you."  As someone who had no previous connection to football and cricket, this is what happened with Aston Villa and Australia.  I watched them, and sort of fell in love.

This week I discovered that the Cricket Australia website was streaming some Sheffield Sheild matches (<3 you Twitter).  I realized they did this for a lot of matches.  As much as I enjoyed watching Victoria-Tasmania, it was weird with no rooting interest.

I tried to root for Tasmania, because of my man-love for Tim Paine, but he's not playing, so there was kind of no point.

So, I've decided to ask all 3 readers of my blog, who I should support in Australian domestic cricket, and really any country.  I'll keep track of a Bangladesh domestic team if someone gives me a good reason.

So tell me, who should I follow?

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